Venue : At a village in Bagan

Capacity : 50 Pax

Duration : 5 hours

Attend a Noviciation Ceremony, one of the most crucial events in a Buddhist’s life in Myanmar.

The ceremony, high in colors, is meant to welcome boys as they enter the Buddha’s Order. After breakfast at your hotel, transfer by coach to the village (~ 9:00 Am). You will be welcomed at the village gate by all villagers and a music troop then start the procession along the village till to the monastery (~ 30 min). Then the master monks shave the head of the boys by following all necessary noviciation processes. After that lunch will be offered to novices and all the monks. Finally, provide the lunch to the villagers while you having lunch at the monastery.

On the ceremony day, a procession begins; the boys ride caparisoned horses shaded with gilded umbrellas, accompanied by parents, all family members, local women and girls carrying sets of yellow robes, offerings and an ornate betel box. A band of musicians and dancers perform along the procession. The aspiring boys, after shaving their head, donning robes and asking permission to become a novice, will then lead monastic life, as a novice, for a number of days. During those ceremonial moments, lunch is offered to all participants.

All villagers participate during the ceremony and you can study the traditional life style of a village and their community works.

Services Included

  • Set Menu (Myanmar)
  • Outside Catering Charges
  • Drinks (1 bottle water + Soft drinks + tea/coffee)
  • Offerings to the monks
  • Yellow robes for novices
  • Horses for procession
  • Noodle soup for villagers
  • Music troop
  • Rental fees of ornate betel box

Note : Venue may change if there is other special occasion at this village.

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