Cruising with the lake Deva

InDevi translated from Burmese means Lake Goddess or Deity.

The InDevi Luxury Boat service offers a Deluxe version of the standard Inle Lake longtail boat. specifically designed for the convenience of the discerning traveler, one who always prefer the best option.

The boats have been carefully designed to ensure that comfort and safety are significantly enhanced beyond the current lake boats.

The InDevi crews have been trained to ensure that their service is consistent with the choices of today’s luxury travelers.

Life on Board

Purpose designed seating is larger and more comfortable; the locations selected for the chairs have been tested on prototype to ensure they provide ample legroom. Each seat has padded cushions together with sun shade umbrellas and blankets to ensure day & night time comfort.

The InDevi boat crews receive training to ensure that language skills are appropriate and that the consideration of customers experience and safety are given paramount importance.

Noise reduction
By careful design and testing, the engine noise has significantly reduced; hence a more tranquil atmosphere is achieved.

The boats have undergone safety & stability testing at the Myanmar shipyards prior to delivery to the lake. Lifejackets are stored under each seat for personal safety and navigation lights have been provided to ensure safety at night.

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